AHSGR Lincoln Chapter
Board of Directors

Bylaws (Amended September 16, 2012)

Standing Rules of the Board of Directors (Approved March 19, 2012)


President   Paul Loos
1st Vice President    
2nd Vice President   Donna Day
Treasurer   Jane Harrison
Membership Chairman   Corinne Jacox
Historian   Sharon Buckner
Corresponding Secretary   Judy Lawson


Board Members

Ed Barthule   2018-2021
Sharon Buckner   2018-2021
Donna Day   2020-2023
Jane Harrison   2020-2023
Karen Johnson   2019-2022
Judy Lawson   2018-2021
Paul Loos   2020-2023
Becky Schenaman   2019-2022
Don Weber   2020-2023
Carolyn Kay Wood   2020-2023



Dinners   Paul Loos
Finance/Audit   Jane Harrison
Garage Sale    
Genealogy/Folklore   Everyone
Historical   Sharon Buckner
Membership   Corinne Jacox
Nominating   Appointed
Publicity   Judy Lawson
Quilt and Raffle   Donna Day
Social   Everyone
Special Projects    
Ticket Sales   Judy Lawson